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Earlier in the pregnancy, Mr read some where that at some point the nesting instinct will take over. Then we laughed because that is so un like us, especially me. I have never been into decorating or whatever. If its up to me, I would have no pictures on the wall and no furniture. My rooms will be full with yarn. One my fear is that one day someone is going to find me dead under a pile of yarn.

Anyway, lately out of necessity we have been nesting. So far we got the baby room painted (gray blue) and got a lady to come from Pottery Barn for kids to help us source furniture. We now have cribs, a rug, and mattresses. We are waiting for the rest to arrive. All this work is no thanks to me really. Mr is the one who arranged all the stuff. He has been a trooper. He’s nesting for both of us.

The best gadget we got so far is the baby monitor. It has video and you can monitor the babies via the iDevices. Too bad you can’t monitor via a browser. It alerts you when temperature are getting too hot or humidity is too high. Also has a picture mode so you can take pictures of your baby sleeping. Because of the temperature alerts we now know that room gets really hot on a hot day. So today we went to Costco to get a portable AC. A bit over kill, when I was a kid we didn’t have any of these and we lived! These are very lucky babies.

Here are some photos from the monitor,

Mr testing it out!

In it’s proper place. We put teddy bears there so we can see what it looks like.


Infra red photos! We can see them at night!


Here are some of the photos of the nursery. Once everything arrives, I’ll take more.

The arrival of the cribs! It’s odd, the arrival of these cribs made the impending birth seem more real.


Crib A being put together. It was surprising easy to put together (well from my vintage point on the side line supervising Mr)


While all these things are going going Oskar decide to take a break. He is such a slacker!

Crib A done! (You can kind of see the colour of the walls. We wanted it to be greyer but it looks nice nevertheless.)


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