Irish Short Film Festival


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One good thing about Dublin is that there is always something to do.

Currently, there’s a Irish Short Film Festival going on every Thursdays until the end of November. I have been very excited about this. I love films and I would love to see what kind of films are being produced in Ireland.

The venu is located at Beweleys. I remember one of my very first trip to Dublin, we came here for a fry. Then it closed down in the early 2000 and then reopened again. I remember going back when it re-opened, I was bitterly disappointed by the menu. The fry was gone replaced by generic lunch food. But it seem to have gone back to what it was again.

It’s a great old Cafe and I am personally very glad they reopened it. Beweleys is like an institution in Dublin.
The theater is all the way on the top floor. It’s a room with a bar and stage. It’s got a victorian vibe. It’s a very cute room with fire place (now defunct) on each side of the room.

And since it was opening day we were treated to pastries and coffee/tea! I love food, especially when it’s free!


The event host did a little talk about how the event came about and it was nice and cozy. I felt bad for them because there were only like 7 people in attendance. And half of those were Korean Ladies who didn’t speak much English. But I

I am glad we went though. We saw about 12 films and some are good and some are not so good. But I had fun.

One of my favorites is Granny O’Grimm. It’s just so hilarious! Later I found that it was nominated for an Oscar.

Here’s her again delivering a Christmas message,

I also quite liked this one, though Mr didn’t think it was great.

I definitely will go back every Thursdays to check out the films!

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