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We arrived back in Ireland yesterday. And this jet lag is kicking my butt. It’s 3:04AM and I am up watching a lifetime movie (yes we get that here!) and thought hey it’s good time to blog!

It was nice to see Oskar again after all these month. Here he is greeting me at the door.

Go away, we don't want any

I really like this photo, it’s as if he’s saying whatever your selling I don’t want any!

For moving Oskar, we hired a company called ‘Pet Express.’ It was pretty painless, they took care all of the airline booking and let us know that he made the connection flight. He left on Tuesday and got in today. He spent all day sleeping, I guess he got jet lag too! Or maybe he’s just lazy. Hard to tell, he won’t tell me!

Here he is looking out our front door watching Mr doing yard work.

Where am I?

The weather was wonderful! It was hot for the first few days but cool down for the rest of the time we were in CA. I only wished I stayed a bit longer so I can meet more friends and eat more food.

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