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I hate to admit this but being a Lady of Leisure is kind of dull. There’s a Malahide Ladies Club but they don’t have a website and I have no idea where they meet.

So I decided to strike out on my own and do a little of Dublin tour by DART. Once a week, weather permitting, I’ll take the DART to a station and walk around the station and see the sights. One thing I noticed about these stations is that at each station there’s a little sign that says 15 min to blah, 10 min to blah, so this should be fun.

So today, I am starting with the Malahide Station. Why you ask? Because this is where I live and I am too lazy to hop on the DART today. The weather is pretty overcast today so this is what you all get today!


The Malahide Station was built in 1844. That’s pretty darn old! The top of each station column has these decorative writing. Mr says it has something to do with the Royal Family. I don’t know, I can’t read it. If you can let me know what you think it says.


The station also has a waiting room. I took a peek inside, it looked like it once had a working fireplace in it! But I didn’t take a picture. Next time I go there I’ll fill it in here.

Malahide is a nice working village. I took some photos but I can’t seem to find them. It’s got a butcher, few grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. Of course there are lots of pubs as well. In addition, the people of Malahide must really like Chinese food here because I counted 4 Chinese restaurants!

The main attraction here would be the Malahide Castle. I have not been there for many many years now. I probably will hit the castle when my brother comes here for a visit in a few weeks. The land around here used to all own by the castle dude. We saw a fantastic apartment next to the castle grounds, but it was not meant to be because Mr didn’t want apartment living. (It WAS nice though.)

One thing that’s a bit scary here is the lack of parking space. Case in point, the following picture shows a car in the correct parking space. But like it’s in the middle of the street!

Irish Parking Space

By the way that’s not a one way street!

The drivers here are like nutty too. This morning I almost got ran over by a old dude driving an SUV. He was making a turn and didn’t use his indicator and maybe I am invisible here or whatever he just like ran through in front of me. If I get hit I would get money, but seeing I don’t have health insurance right now, getting hit is probably a bad idea. And plus if I get hit I won’t be able to get on this little DART adventure. So I think I did the right thing by not getting hit.

It’s the little things in life!

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If the road rules there are anything like in New Zealand, you’re crossing the road at your own risk. It’s not like in California where drivers have to give way if you cross at any street corner… if you don’t have a pedestrian crossing or a traffic light to protect you, cars don’t have to stop for you!

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