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Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life, knit | Posted on 15-05-2010

The Yarn Shop in Johnstown Kildare

I have been wanting to go to this yarn store in Kildare since we got here. So we got up early today to go to the yarn store!

The address of the place simply consist of The Mill, Johnstown, Naas, Co. Kildare. Hum. Well, good thing Mr is a native, because I don’t think I could find this place even with a GPS. Maybe in time I too can decipher address such as this!

I forgot how I heard about this place, but they spun their own yarn with native sheep! How cool is that?

The man manning the shop was super nice. While I was browsing he offered Mr a cup of coffee and a news paper. How cute!

He didn’t have a lot of ‘brand name’ yarns but that was fine with me. I mostly wanted to see the home made yarn. I end up with 2 cones of cream yarn and 2 cones of cotton turquoise yarn. Over all it was a very pleasant shop! I would go back again now I know where it is!

There were also this awesome car parked outside! I think I found my dream car!

My dream car!

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