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Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 28-04-2010

The cable guy came today and gave us the gift of internet and cable TV!

We picked up the keys on Monday and so far so good. The house is on a reversed house plan where the living room is on the 2nd floor. It’s very bright and sunny on the 2nd floor. Apparently, most Irish people don’t like this config. I think it’s awesome! After a heavy night of drinking you can just go to your room without having climbing the stairs.

The house is different than I remembered. I thought it was a 2 double bed and one single bed room. But I was wrong! It’s two single and one double. One of the single room was like the size of our closet. The floor board are like uneven and one of the door doesn’t close. The landlord said that the guy who built the house fancied himself as a handyman and they had to re hang all the door after they bought it.

One good thing about the house is that it’s like 2 min away from the Estuary. The village is about 15 minute by foot and there’s a grocery store 5 minute away.

Yesterday we took the DART to center of Dublin and went to see a reading of a play written by his grand uncle. His cousin was in the reading. Anyway, it was pretty good except I was falling a sleep.

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