Diamonds and DC


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 30-10-2008

The Mr is coming back tomorrow from a month long trip back home.  It’s going to be weird to have someone in the house other than my brother. It is also going to be kind of strange not being able to do whatever I want and eat all kind of junk food without someone whining to me that I shouldn’t eat junk food.

Maybe secretly the Mr. is  telling me I am fat?   We have been married long enough for him to know not to answer the “Am I fat?” question.  

Someone asked why there was no picture of me during the wedding.  It’s because every picture Joe took of me he made me look fat.  He said I can’t blame him because my camera didn’t come with a thin setting.

But he doesn’t look fat in the photo above. I think he just makes people look fat.

Anyway! Mr asked me over the phone what I wanted from Ireland. I said I wanted something dripping with diamonds.

I don’t think he thought that was funny.  When we were shopping for the the wedding rings, I asked the diamond lady if I can see the 2 carat diamond the Mr had this look on his face like he was going to be sick.

Anyway, I really should ask for this next time he goes away for a long trip. or this?I took these photos when we went to DC over the Memorial Day.   I was surprised that there were lots of men ogling the diamonds. So sparkly!The trip was a fun one, this time we actually made it to the National Archives to look at the documents.   

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