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Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 12-10-2008

Next weekend is my friend’s wedding. I have been working very hard on putting together an outfit. If you know me, this is a hard thing for me to do. If it’s up to me, I’d wear shorts and flip flops. But, since this is Mike’s wedding and I have never met his future wife to be, I felt I should at least dress up for the occasion and make a good impression. Mind you, in the entire time Mike and I dated I don’t think I ever dressed up.

Anyway, I started my quest for a new outfit last month. I took off a bit early from work and head on to a store to pick up a dress. After trying on several dresses I settled down on a pretty frock. I was kind of hesistant on purchasing it because well, it’s kind of in a ivory/white/tan color. And the rules is you don’t wear white to other people’s wedding. But I figure, Mike and his wife to be are not really born in the

US maybe they will over look it! It’s a pretty retro dress. I felt that I should get out some white gloves to go with it. As I was checking out, the shop keeper asked me if I was going to a party, I said nah, an ex boyfriend’s wedding. She was taken a back and laughed. I guess I shouldn’t volunteer too much information to sales ladies.

Long story short, I have the dress but I have no shoes. I meant to go shopping for some shoes, but I got busy. I started to panic last weekend because the wedding is on October 18th, and I know I would be busy at work for the next few weeks.

Last weekend, my brother and I went to do some shoe shopping at the racks. The whole shopping shoes experience at the racks, reminded me of Cinderella. There are a lot of shoes, but the shoes were like Cinderella shoes. You see one, try it on and if you like it go collect the other one at the counter. I found a pair I kind of liked, but as I was looking it it’s all banged up and if I was going to spend that much money on shoes, it better both be new! I was not about to look like Cinderella with one good shoe and one bad shoe.

But anyway, my friend was graciously enough to take me go shoe shopping. She helped me pick out shoes I think I would normally not have picked out, so it was good. It’s so much more to shop with a girl than Mr or the brother.

Now my dilemma, I got 2 pairs of shoes. I like them both, but now I have the tough decision on which shoe to pick. Maybe you can pick for me. See below.

Dress with Shoe 1:

Dress with Shoe 2:

Sophie’s voted for shoe number 1!

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Nice shoes, I think Sophie made the right decision. :)

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