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ABC was having a marathon of The Cutting Edge Trilogy today.

Good thing the Mister is in Ireland, or he might be drinking heavily by now. (He might still be drinking heavily now but probably for happier reasons.)

I remember going to watch The Cutting Edge Episode I by myself because no one wanted to go with me. I was still living on campus, so I had to take a bus to downtown and to the worse theater in town. (The theater now has been torn down.) There were like at most 10 people in the theater.

Ladies, I know you all wanted to cry when Doug told Kate he loved her, end up doing the Pamchenko at the end of the movie and won the gold!It’s one of those movie I try to catch whenever it comes on TV.

Then I discovered The Cutting Edge Episode II. I had to get it on Netflix. It was basically the same movie without the Pamchenko, oh and the guy was a inline skater instead of a ice hockey player. She was mean to him, etc etc.

As I was watching TV today, I saw that there was a marathon of the movie, and debute of The Cutting Edge Episode III! I couldn’t resist.

I didn’t have high hopes for Episode III since Episode II was not the best.

The verdict? It was ok.

It had a better twist than Episode II! (Stop reading now if you have not seen the movie.)

Instead of girl skater looking for boy skater, it was the other way around. And this time it was a girl hockey player! And they did the Pamchenko.

Episdoe III story line is closer to the first one without the witty lines. The main guy tried to be moody and brood but couldn’t really pull it off. He is just not angsty enough, not like Kate angsty.

The evil ex-coach plot line was also sort of similar like the first movie, but not as good.By far, the first movie was the best.

If I could get my 6 hours back again from the marathon I would definitely skip Episode II and go directly to III.

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