Diarios de motocicleta


Posted by wendy | Posted in movies, travel | Posted on 30-08-2007

I finally saw this movie last night and it was pretty enjoyable. I like foreign movies. (That statement just make me sound like pseudo-intelligentsia, but whatever!)

It was hard for me to follow because I like to multi task when I watch tv at home. Can’t really do that with foreign movies, and my Spanish is rusty. But I do remember enjoying it so it must be good.

I won’t recap the movie here, because you can find that in any movie site. You don’t need me telling you how you should feel about anything. You are the master of your own universe.

Now that’s out of the way, this movie makes me want to visit South America again.

When I was in high school, I took Spanish but gave it up after I left high school. I can still understand and read it conversationally, but I can’t really speak it or remember much of it. Well, other than “donde está la biblioteca” which probably won’t get me very far.

Subsequently, I took Latin, German, Indonesian, and Japanese in college. I really enjoy Latin it was fun and you don’t have to speak it which is a big bonus for me. German, I took because I wanted to read Kafka in German. The Penal Colony is excellent, excellent work. Indonesian, well, that’s because of a boy I met along the way. I did end up like Gamalan music a lot after that though so I guess it’s not a total loss. In retrospect, I should have kept up with Spanish, but whatever, such is life.

What are we talking about? Right, why I want to visit South America. We went to Ecuador in 2001 and I really enjoyed it. I had a tough time in Quito, though. I got really sick the last day we were there. I was really mad about that because we had a gorgeous breakfast and I couldn’t eat any of it.

Good times!

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