Nitrazine paper test


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 17-03-2015

So to determine if your membrane has raptured the nurses ran a Nitrazine paper test. 

With the twins I didn’t get this test done because it was obvious the membrane has raptured.  I remember asking a nurse when I was in Ireland how would I know if it happened. She just said you would know. It will trickle. But it’s hard to tell sometimes because one of the unpleasant side effect of pregnancy is Incontinence. 

Anyway! I asked my Ob is it common to have false positive and he said it does occurr sometimes but not often. So he was surprised another of his colleague’s patient also had a false positive.

He was surprised two people had false results so close together. 

I said I kind of knew my water didn’t break. He said his colleague asked him how I took the hospital stay. He told her I was relaxed and got lots of knitting done. (I did! Got two test knitting done!)  He complimented on my upbeat and happy attitude to the hospital stay.

All joking aside. I can understand why someone would freak out. Hospitals are a lonely place and you literally cannot do anything with iv attached to you. And the uncertainty and angst if the baby would be ok can be overwhelming.

I think if I didn’t go through the same thing with the  boys I would be a bit nervous.  But you have to listen to your doctor. 

I wish I didn’t have to stay in the hospital but it was a good wake up call for all of us to take it easy and not to be so careless about this. And good practice for d day! I also did have a relaxing time and loved the extra knitting time! I did miss the boys a lot but I face time with them every day. They are awesome kids!