So It Begins…


Posted by wendy | Posted in Family | Posted on 30-01-2012

It all started with something like this.

The adventure of going to the Pharmacy to get a test was quite interesting. I am used to the US drug store where you can just go in and pick out whatever you want in private. But I couldn’t find where they would stash these type of things in the Pharmacy.

I was not wearing my ring or have my wedding certificate with me. I got stares from some of the people waiting in the queue to be helped. Made me feel like they are secreting judging me or something. Probably all just in my mind.

The Pharmacist end up recommending the most expensive test (25 euros!) that she had. I guess it’s just as well because having digital makes it a lot easier and it came with two tests.

Anyway, I follow the instructions and got the results above. I felt really bad because just a week before we were in Rome and were boozing like there is no tomorrow. (Let’s just say, one night I was involved with a 1 litre of beer. It’s one of those it seem like a good idea at the time thing.)

I agonised over how to break the news to Mr. I mean should I just blurt it out over dinner? Leave the test in the bathroom hoping he will discover it?

I end up just waking him up in the middle of the night (early morning really) and gave him the test. He kind of said oh that’s nice and went back to sleep. Not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but at least he didn’t yell at me! He later said he didn’t go back to sleep, but was just thinking. I guess it’s life changing event so he needed to digest more than usual.

If you ask him he would insist my memory is faulty! Anyway, so far all is well. I will write more about our adventures with the Irish health care system later.