Oskar’s Journey


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 16-08-2010

It was an interesting experience shipping an animal from US to Europe. As I said in my previous post, it was all pretty painless because of the shipping company. We did all the front work (getting his titer test ready etc) and they did the rest by getting his pet passport and plane ticket. I have to say over all, I really enjoy working with them. We got emails when Oskar arrived at JFK to let us know that he made it etc. I only wish I stuck a little camera that takes a photo every few min to see what Oskar sees in transport. Maybe on his way back to the US next year.

The most interesting part is his crate. His crate is full of stickers from various place. It’s like steamer trunk full of sticker that people used to use for travel.

Here is front of the crate, it’s got our information in Dublin. Under it there’s another set of labels for JFK.

Information about us

The inside has 2 big bowl for water and a fennel out side to fill out the water. When we let him out there was newspaper in the crate in case he had an accident. He had no accident, that dog has bladder of steel.


A cute little tag with his name!


This cracks me up. One live dog! They should just circle the dog picture.

Is' a live dog!

More live animal sticker photo, with arrows!

This way up

His inspection sticker:

The pick up was pretty easy. We went to Lassen Hall at the appointed time (his flight was early!) and just picked him up. Over all if I have to ship him anywhere else, I would totally use this agency again.



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We arrived back in Ireland yesterday. And this jet lag is kicking my butt. It’s 3:04AM and I am up watching a lifetime movie (yes we get that here!) and thought hey it’s good time to blog!

It was nice to see Oskar again after all these month. Here he is greeting me at the door.

Go away, we don't want any

I really like this photo, it’s as if he’s saying whatever your selling I don’t want any!

For moving Oskar, we hired a company called ‘Pet Express.’ It was pretty painless, they took care all of the airline booking and let us know that he made the connection flight. He left on Tuesday and got in today. He spent all day sleeping, I guess he got jet lag too! Or maybe he’s just lazy. Hard to tell, he won’t tell me!

Here he is looking out our front door watching Mr doing yard work.

Where am I?

The weather was wonderful! It was hot for the first few days but cool down for the rest of the time we were in CA. I only wished I stayed a bit longer so I can meet more friends and eat more food.