Euro 2009 – The beginning


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 17-04-2009

We are back from our Euro 2009 trip.  It was a good trip considering the amount of alcohol consumed!

I have not been to Ireland since 2007!  I wanted to go to this time because it’s Mr’s parents 50 year anniversary. Can you imagin being married to someone for 50 years! WOW!

Love to go to Ireland, but I also wanted to see different places. After much debate, Mr and I decided to go to Paris and Lisbon. I had fond memories of Paris and neither of us have been to Lisbon before.

Anyway! The major themes of this trip were the following:

  • Relics
  • Churches / Basilicas / Cathedrals
  • Graves / Tombs /Catacombs / Crypts
  • Castles

Lisbon’s churches are full of treasures.  The reliquary is the best I have ever seen.  Most of my churches I have been to for this trip are “tourist” churches. But most Churches in Lisbon were working churches. Since it was Holy Week, it was interesting to see people putting up Palm for Palm Sunday and putting flowers in Churches for Easter.

The best comment of the whole trip, why do you have a bag of hammers?

Here are some high lights :

  • Fantastic weather all over the places we visited!
  • Sligo – 9 bottles wine between 5 people
  • Sligo – Awesome food and seeing everyone
  • Sligo – Awesome Fry
  • Paris – Catacombs
  • Paris – Musée de Cluny – the Unicorns
  • Paris – Angry cat that bit everyone who petted him
  • Paris – Relic – thorn from
  • Dublin: Carrying bag of hammers up to hellfire club
  • Paris : Catacombs
  • Paris : Pantheon (we saw Voltare!)
  • Lison : Relics
  • Lisbon : Eleavator built in 1900
  • Lisbon : FOOD!
  • Lisbon : PRICES of FOOD!
  • Lisbon : Churches
  • Lisbon : our AWESOME hotel.
  • Sligo : PUPPY and chatting with everyone
  • Dublin : Bag of hammers
  • Dublin : Hellfire club

Low lights:

  • Flight from SF to Washington was an hour late and worried that I won’t make my connection
  • Sat next to an angry French dude from DC to Dublin
  • Forgot to bring the charger cable for iPhone to Paris/Lisbon bummer because hotel offered free wifi
  • Getting a call from the Vet in Paris that Chester is not eating and is depressed
  • Good Friday – Couldn’t go drinking because no alcohol could be purchased and all the bars are closed.

In the middle of sorting though ALL the photos taken for this vacation, once that’s done detail will follow!