Posted by wendy | Posted in knit | Posted on 29-01-2009

We have a new person starting this week and just discovered she’s a knitter!

Yay! Here I was resigned to the fact that no one at Ning knits, but no more.


Happy New Year!


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 08-01-2009

Well, really kind of late happy new year but it’s the thoughts that count isn’t it?I was knitting with a few friends and someone asked what my new year resolution is.  I don’t typically make them, but maybe a good new year resolution is to make new year resolutions.Here are my resolutions:

  1. Make new year resolutions – Check! 
  2. Blog more – Maybe at least once a week.
  3. Take more pictures
  4. Knit a sweater – Maybe this one
  5. Take picture of finished knitting products.
  6. Take picture of people wearing the knitted products I give them.
  7. Learn a new skill – maybe signing or a new programming language.

I think that’s enough to get me going for the year.  It’ll be fun to come back this post the end of 2009 and check off the ones I kept.  At least I will get two out of 7 of these.To start this resolution right, feast your eye on this! HatThat’s right! Resolution  #6 – Check!  I think the hat looks really good on my friend!  I have to make one for myself.Hope I keep this up!