Ireland’s Potato


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 26-08-2008

One of the blog I read talked about this restaurant called “Ireland’s Potato” in Hong Kong.  The tag line of the restaurant is “Ireland’s proverb says:  There are two things in the world that can’tbe joked: 1. Marriage 2. Potato”.

That just made me laugh!  Mr loves his potatoes and sauce. In the early days of our courtship,  he would make potatoes and a sauce on the side.  But those days are long gone. I am not a big fan of sauces, and he seem to have stopped making them. (He still like potatoes.)

Speaking of funny Ireland’s potato, few years ago, we went to Ireland for 2 weeks (maybe longer can’t remember now). We stayed at this nice country hotel.  Can’t really say country  because it was a really nice hotel and the room we had had a flat screen TV!

Anyway,  this was at the end of our journey, and we been having a lot of potatoes and driving around a lot.  So when I saw vegetables on the menu, I was excited!  And then it came out, it was 3 different kind of potatoes.  They were good, but not quite what I had in mind.