Vista, it’s not so bad


Posted by wendy | Posted in Gadgets | Posted on 23-04-2008

The last time I bought a new computer was in 2001, a shiny 12 inch Power Book G4. I was so happy. It was the best machine ever. I carried it everywhere I go. So cute and oh so portable.

For a long long time, I was waiting for a G5 12 inch, but that never materialized. Then the Intel Mac came out. I waited patiently again for a 12 inch version, but it never happened.I was quite happy with my power book, so I waited and waited and waited. I was about to give up and get a 15 inch then the buzz of a new notebook from Apple was all around so I waited again.

Then Apple announced Macbook Air. I have to admit I was tempted. It is so pretty, so thin, and light. But I wanted a machine with better spec for the price. Anyway, at that time the Mr machine broke, so he end up getting the Macbook Air. It’s a nice machine, but it’s not something I really wanted. He loves it.

I decided to stop waiting and start to shop around. After a few month of soul searching, I .. gasp .. decided to go back to windows.I end up getting a VGN-TZ2000 from Sony. It’s PINK and weights 2 lbs.It’s been 7 years since I had a home machine that is not a Mac. So far it takes getting used to.

Especially, I am not on XP anymore.

So far I like it. It feels like I never left.

Vista is really not so bad.