Goodbye Oyoy


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One of my favorite show this year is Orangutan Island on Animal Planet. I never got into Meerkat Mannor, another popular reality tv show. But when I first saw the Orangutan Island, I found myself really drawn into the lives of the Orangutans on Orangutan Island.

One thing I like about it is that it’s remind me so much of MTV’s Real World (season 1 in New York, rest of them were just poor imitation of the real thing). Instead of kids without jobs, you have Orangutans trying to survive in the wild. The narration is so funny and fun to listen to and a great way to learn about Orangutans. (Also thank to the show, I can finally spell Orangutan on the first try.)

So, last week, the a giant storm hit the Island. As a result of this 2 of the Orangutans, Oyoy and Mogok, went missing. Now everyone was worried about Mogok because he is not very streetwise. Oyoy, on the other hand, is streetwise and knows a lot of things about the island. Everyone thought that Mogok might not make it, but Oyoy being so smart will definitely know what to do.

The scene cut to the technicians finding Mogok and I was so relieved. Thought he is not a major character in the show, it is always good to see that he is well. The reaction the technician had when he saw Mogok was very touching. He and Magok hugged each other when they saw each other. The expression on the technician’s face was of pure joy. These people really care about the Orangutans.

Since they found Mogok, I was all ready for them to find Oyoy as well, after all, this is reality tv where no one gets hurt! Also, he’s the smart one, he’s probably just hiding somewhere.

But it was not mean to be, the narrator sadly said that Oyoy had fallen off the tree and drowned. They showed a scene with an orangutan face down in the water. That was so sad. Everyone look so crestfallen.

Nature is certainly not pretty and happy all the time. Though the care taker was very sad, she said this is life, sometime bad things happens. People develop relationships with the orangutans, but this is the jungle, and unexpected things happen.

They showed a montage of Oyoy’s life. He was such a cute little guy! It is very sad that he died.

Here’s to you Oyoy. I will miss you!


Clapotis Fever


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I have finally caught the Clapotis fever.  

I have been meaning to make one for a while (i.e. since 2004 when the pattern first came out), but just never got around to it. I was also a bit afraid of the pattern instructions.

About 2 weeks ago, I saw one at the yarn store, and instantly caught the fever!

This pattern is instant gratification. When I drop the stitches (for you none knitters that’s a usually a bad thing), I feel so satisfied. I find my self racing to finish up so I can drop some stitches. (Insane, I know!)

The Clapotises have been done for a while, but I have been lazy finishing it up. I finally got around to it to weave in all the ends. (Not my favorite task, but has to be done!) I have not blocked it yet but I am so excited I have to post it!

Once I finish finish, I’ll put up picture of the finished product.As far as what I am going to do with these Clapotis, well, give them away of course! Good thing none of the recipients reads blogs! Phew.

This one is for you Ellen!
My 1st Clapotis

This is for you Ann!
My 2nd Clapotis



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One of my coworkers came back from Apache Con and got me this (see below, it’s a a idealized version of the t-shirt, too lazy to take pic of the real one).

It made me laugh!  I am always touched when people care enough and know me well enough to give me relevant swag.This brings back memories of the swags people have gotten me in the past and I just had to dig this one up, only because it is the best swag I ever gotten.


On the knitting front, I am doing quite well. After meeting with the Plaxo Knitters last Saturday, I have started knitting in earnest again.   This is good, because I got lots of knitting to do.

Me and My Social Network


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The Pie Hole

Last month, I secretly, created a social network for my favorite show, Pushing Daisies.

It’s mostly for me check out the new features for work and trying out different fun things to do.

I didn’t advertise it, because I didn’t have time and didn’t try very hard to keep it up.

But today, 2 new people joined my network. That’s growth of 200% in one day! I can’t believe it. I don’t even know how they found the site.

So I am working really hard to make it pretty. In the process made me realized, making things pretty is hard work, even if the software is doing all the work for me.
I am not really good with graphic tools. But I managed.

I am really excited because,

  • It’s a really good show!
  • I am a big fan of all the shows by Bryan Fuller (i.e. Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls,. and some DS9 stuff)
  • One of the main characters (Emerson) knits! :)

Watch out! My network is going to be the next Facebook of Pushing Daisies!