The Sociopath Next Door


Posted by wendy | Posted in book | Posted on 04-09-2007

I was looking for “The Sociopath Next Door” and cannot find it anywhere in the house. I remember it being a interesting read, but can’t remember the name of the book.

Most sociopaths are not psycho killers or whatever, most of them are ordinary citizens. They could be your neighbor, boss, sister, brother, etc. At 2005 (when the book was written), she estimated about 1 out of 25 people you know are sociopaths.

The author does an excellent job about describing and identifying sociopaths and how not to get caught in their games. I won’t give away the plot twist here in cases you want to read it.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the book, and didn’t quite remember the name of the book. All I remember is snippet of the book. I vaguely recall that I ordered from Amazon, so I decided to dig through my amazon order history.

I started to browse through the whole history of my relationship with amazon (since 1999). It’s odd looking through the history, it’s like a diary of what I was into and how I was feeling that year. There were one month I ordered a lot of how to break up with someone book in hope that it’ll help me break up with the person. One month I decided I was going to learn more about Irish cooking, so i bought several cook books.

Just see a trend of how I grown as a reader was interesting.

At the end, I didn’t find the book title in my order history. I must have bought it in Borders or something. I end up just doing a search for sociopath in the search field and it was the first book that popped up. And it recommend a few more updated version on the same subject.

I can’t wait!