Vista, it’s not so bad


Posted by wendy | Posted in Gadgets | Posted on 23-04-2008

The last time I bought a new computer was in 2001, a shiny 12 inch Power Book G4. I was so happy. It was the best machine ever. I carried it everywhere I go. So cute and oh so portable.

For a long long time, I was waiting for a G5 12 inch, but that never materialized. Then the Intel Mac came out. I waited patiently again for a 12 inch version, but it never happened.I was quite happy with my power book, so I waited and waited and waited. I was about to give up and get a 15 inch then the buzz of a new notebook from Apple was all around so I waited again.

Then Apple announced Macbook Air. I have to admit I was tempted. It is so pretty, so thin, and light. But I wanted a machine with better spec for the price. Anyway, at that time the Mr machine broke, so he end up getting the Macbook Air. It’s a nice machine, but it’s not something I really wanted. He loves it.

I decided to stop waiting and start to shop around. After a few month of soul searching, I .. gasp .. decided to go back to windows.I end up getting a VGN-TZ2000 from Sony. It’s PINK and weights 2 lbs.It’s been 7 years since I had a home machine that is not a Mac. So far it takes getting used to.

Especially, I am not on XP anymore.

So far I like it. It feels like I never left.

Vista is really not so bad.

My new love!


Posted by wendy | Posted in Gadgets | Posted on 06-10-2007

I have a new love in my life and his name is the iPod touch.

I got it last Wednesday after work. I went to the PA Apple Store but they were out, so on a whim I stopped by Fry’s on the way home and they had a whole lot of them just sitting there calling my name.

I actually had already ordered one from The origional ship date was Oct 5th, but I got an email from them that it won’t ship until Novembmer! I was like, sigh, ok I’ll wait.

But then I was talking to my ex-boss and he was saying how much he was in love with his iPod touch. He and I have similar taste in gadgets. It’s because of him I didn’t plunk down money for the iPod video or iPhone. (Best decision of my life I think, well other than marrying the Mister.)

Anyway, this device reminded me of the Sony Mylo. Another cool little device that lets you browse the web and skype, etc all through wireless and it has a QWERTY! Stylus is great but nothing beats a good QWERTY. I was seriously considering getting it until someone pointed out, well, it would be a useless brick if you don’t have wi-fi.

And then there was the iPhone. But I am really a firm believer that phone is for making calls only. I mean, seriously, what if Ed Mcmahon want to call me to tell me I won the “Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes” and I ran out of battery because I was listening to Milli Vanilli?

The iPod touch is going to be the ‘it’ device for me for this year.

I didn’t cancel the iPod I had on order for Amazon. After seeing my new toy, the Mister wanted one as well. We are one hip household.