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Can’t believe it’s March already! It seem yesterday I found out we are having a baby girl. I am really not ready for her to be born but I guess no one is ready for it.

The twins had Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease. It’s a fall out from going to preschool I guess. Ruari looks like a zombie was gnawing on his face.  I was hoping Cian won’t have the issue but he caught it anyways. Hope they recover soon.

Baby girl heart beat


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I get my vital checked every 5 hours and the baby gets monitored about every 5 hours as well. Basically the nurse straps on two probes, one to monitor baby’s heart and one to monitor contractions. It’s kind of soothing to listen to the heart beat. On occasion she kicks the probe and makes a big noise!

Day 2!


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So far so good! The baby is staying inside. Got anew bracelet last night. I guess this one allow the nurses to administer iv better.


Bit clunky but whatever. Today is the last of the iv. Tomorrow we move to oral antibiotics.

The food is pretty bad. I think LPCH has slightly better food. The steak at lpch was pretty yummy. One of my nurses said the curry here is pretty good maybe I will have it for dinner!

What I do like is that this hospital is super quiet. I have the antepartum room to myself which is pretty nice. I have a view of the roof top and some mountains. The nurses seem more relaxed.

One of the nurses said lpch have 500 babies a month (!) while here it’s only about 250. I like the quiet. No beeping noises just me and my iv!

So it starts


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Apparently my water broke so now in hospital hanging out. The goal this time would be same as last time try to keep her in for a week.

I am glad I called the dr this morning. This time there is no gushing but just blood and a bit of liquid. I was going to wait until my OB appt Tuesday! Glad I didn’t!

At least she has enough foresight to do this on a weekend when Peter’s at home. And plenty of parking!

We know the drill so it’s not so scary. Hopefully she doesn’t pull a Cian!