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Cian saw a bowl of salad on the table and said leaves doesn’t belong in a bowl. I offered him some salad and he said he didn’t want leaves for dinner. That kid cracks me up!

Gender Roles


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Lately the boys are really into trains, construction vehicles, cars, etc. They really love watching construction vehicles on tv. (Yes! We let them watch TV.)

It’s interesting how gender role just settles in. I don’t particular buy them toys with this type of themes in the past. In fact all the toys I get are farms, animals, etc.

My hopes is that they are pacifists and not play with guns.



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Can’t believe it’s March already! It seem yesterday I found out we are having a baby girl. I am really not ready for her to be born but I guess no one is ready for it.

The twins had Hand, Mouth, and Foot disease. It’s a fall out from going to preschool I guess. Ruari looks like a zombie was gnawing on his face.  I was hoping Cian won’t have the issue but he caught it anyways. Hope they recover soon.

Don’t put baby in the corner!


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