Fun Day At The Festival


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 22-11-2015

Went to a street performance festival today. Super hot and super crowded but was fun.

I thought now the twins are older they don’t get as much attention as they used to but I was wrong. 

We started by having lunch at a restaurant/pub. Everyone there took pictures of the twins and wanted to play with Aoibhinn. In a restaurant setting it happens sometimes. So I didn’t think anything of it.

(I took Cian to the bathroom and he saw a squat potty. He said look a bathtub potty. So cute!)

Then as we were walking around this old grandpa chatted with us and wanted take picture with the twins. I have to admit that was weird. 

Then a street official lookin photographer took pic of the kids. I can see why they each had a balloon and super cute! But again it’s hard to get them both to look at the camera. The guy did his best hope he got a good one! 

Generally people ask when they want photos so that’s kind of nice.

I was waiting for my mom wearing Aoibhinn and holding the kids hand, some random guy told his wife that I was awesome handling 3 kids by myself. And they are so well behaved. Little does he know.

But he’s not coming back


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Cian is not dealing with Taiwan very well. 

Last night :

Cian : I will wait for daddy for dinner.

After a few minute he said : but he’s not coming back.

He didn’t cry but just stated it as a fact. I felt so sad for him. I hope he adjust soon.

Cleaning spoon


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C: I want to taste some peanut butter.

M: ok, let me get a clean spoon.

C: I cleaned my spoon!

M: how did you clean your spoon!

C: * with a big smile * With my mouth!

That’s my boy! 


Doctor Day!


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Today was everyone’s post 2 week check up! 

We started with Aoibhinn’s check up with Dr Trager. She did great! She gained back her birthweight with one ounce to spare. And now 21 inches. I am unsure how she grew 1.5 inches in 2 weeks. But here we are.

Aoibhinn hanging out. Cian saw this photo and said     2 baby sisters! Big baby sister little baby sister! So cute.