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Oskar arrived last Friday. He flew from Dublin to Frankfurt and then to SFO. Lucky dog, I have never been to Frankfurt.

There was a bit of confusion on where to pick him up. The shipper was grand but seem to drop off all responsibility after Oskar got to SF.

After some waiting we got a call from Luftensa cargo people to say he’s ready to be picked up. Before we could pick him up we had to go to Customs to finish some paper work.

The Custom office was in some other building 10 min away. It was a bit hard to get to. According to the lady at the cargo desk it doesn’t show up on most GPS and people get lost all the time.

Custom guy was super nice. They all carry guns! After some questions and paper work we were finally ready to collect Oskar! He was in good spirits.

Today we got him scrubbed. He look the same to me but Mr says he looks clean. You be the judge.





Sunny spot for a nap


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Took these pictures over the holidays of the cat.

Isn’t she cute!

Here’s she is trying to take a nap in the sun.  We have a perch for her in our bed room but it’s fallen off. It’s on the list to put it back up sometime this year. She sometimes look at it forlornly at the perch and look at me.  But I just don’t pay attention.

Sunny Spot

Here’s she is asking for a friendly pat on the head. Or she’s ready to take a bit of me. Or maybe she’s hungry. feeeeedme.jpgIt’s up to interpretation.