Justin and His Sexy Back


Posted by wendy | Posted in concerts | Posted on 24-09-2007

Last night, I went to see Justin bring his sexy back.

It’s been a while since been I have been to a concert at one of the sky boxes in HP Pavilion. At LS, PK would give usconcert tickets at his VIP Box. It was fun hanging out with people from work on a social level.

I have to admit, I am not a big Justin fan. The only song I know is “Bring Sexy back” and the only reason I know that song is because the song is ridiculous and funny.

Anyway, I was about to have a quiet Sunday evening at home with the animals and a bad movie, but Joe called an said he had an extra ticket to see Justin. Never one to pass on a free event, I had Peter drop me off in front of the pavilion and got my ticket at will call. Had a close call because I was not quite sure which box I am suppose to be at. Show the guy my id, and he looked for a while and said who are you with? I was like sigh, and called Joe. But before the first ring happened, the dude handed me my ticket. I guess someone just ran down with the ticket.

Going through the VIP line brings back all sorts of memories of hanging out with my ex coworkers drinking and partying at PK’s box. It was such a rush for us when we see people take out their cell phones to take pictures and send to their friends. I think the feeling of seeing people using the technology en mass like that is prob. one of those once in a life time thing. PK was quite an innovator.

Anyway, it turned out this box belong to some company (Brocade) who make switches and he was taking the Yahoo team out for the night. I hung out with the sales guy, my brother, and his friends at Yahoo. It was quite fun. We drank, partied, saw Justin got on stage.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know most of his songs so I mostly just drank and chatted with my brother’s friend.

I have to admit, Justin is a very energetic performer, he was running around, dancing, etc. Most of the concerts I go to the performer just sings. I guess maybe Prince danced.

The crowd roared when he started to sing “Bring Sexy Back.” Actually, the crowd roared whenever he sang. The demographic was so different than all the concerts I have been too. There were lots of little girls with their moms.

Afterwards, we hit a few bars for last call.

I stayed way past my bed time, but I seem to be doing ok today. Well, everything was going well until I knocked over a big cup of coffee on myself. Sigh, and tonight’s Halo 3 launch party! Maybe my pants will dry out by then.