Camera Phone and Justin


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 01-10-2007

As I was watching ‘Best Week Ever’ on the Tivo, a video clip of Justin in San Jose came on! (Yes, Justin and I are on a first name basis!)

Justin was saying how he had to cancel the San Jose and Sacramento concert because he was hung over. Though I was at the concert I don’t remembered him saying that. I guess i was pretty blitzed by then.

The video clip shown on the tv show was obviously taken with a picture phone.

It made me happy and sad at the same time.

When I was still at LS, I was on the very first European photo sharing project via phone on O2. Back then, people would tell me that they don’t think photo sharing on phone would take off. Well, boy are they wrong. Camera phones are now every where.

I was watching the Chinese news about Myanmar monks protest and the only video/photos they got for the protest was from cell phones.

It’s odd having worked on a technology that has become so ubiquitous.

All this made me realized what an innovator PK was. I never really appreciated LS as much as I should, working on the cutting age technology like that.

I was talking to my ex boss about Justin and camera phone, and we both agreed that we probably won’t see anything quite like that ever again (camera phones).

Well, maybe when someone invents an implant in your brain that lets you control the TV.

Now that’d be pretty cool.

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