Foca, the Seal


Posted by wendy | Posted in work | Posted on 18-09-2007

Last week, as we were doing our usual Morning check ins, one of the developers asked everyone to stay a bit longer because he want to say something to the QA team.

I looked around and thought to myself, oh gawd, what’s going on?

He pulls out a bag, and pulled this out.

Foca, the Seal

He wanted to thank the QA team for finding bugs and what not during the release.

He called it the QA’s ‘Seal of Approval.’ It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a seal wearing a blue cape with a red check on it, hence the seal of approval.

I don’t know about how other people on the team felt, but I was touched. I personally don’t really care much for public appreciation. The best appreciation is everything is done as explained, release goes well, and issues found are issues no one thought about before the release.

But I must admit, sometimes it is quite nice to have people say nice things about the team. :) I guess I am easily amused.

I suggested the name Foca, but no one likes it. I heard someone calls him/her Clubbie, but I don’t know. Maybe Orca, it’s a better sounding name and rhymes with Foca.

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what the hell is

foca ??

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