The Gasworks


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 30-09-2010

When we were looking for a place to live last year, I came across this little gem.


I didn’t know Dublin had these. The only place I have heard of these type of building conversion is Vienna. It’s beautiful. I love these converted industrial looking buildings.

Basically the building used to be a gas holder (or gasometer) build in the late 1800’s. Instead of demolishing the holder frame, they just build an apartment building inside of it, which I thought is an awesome idea.

Because of the dog, the Mr didn’t want to live in an apartment. His theory is that it would be a pain on the butt to take the dog out for a pee at night. Which is ironic, because the dog is scared of the stairs in this house so we have to carry him up and down the stairs anyways!

I have always wanted to visit this building. It just look so cool! I had planned to go to a lecture at the Dublin City Gallery (I made the effort to book and everything!) but I missed it. I thought I could get on the train and get there at 11:00am. I totally mis-calculated.

Instead of turning back and coming home I decided to go look for the Gasworks. After consulting my phone (I don’t know what I would without it!) I was able to navigate back into DART and get off at the Grand Canal Station.


The track is above the water.

It’s surreal at the station because it’s like walking into Google Complex. As soon as you get out of the station you see at least 3 building with the Google sign and there are people walking around with their laptops and google badges.


I was a little worried because I didn’t exactly know where the building is. Even with the phone guiding me where to go, I still get lost.

So as I was wondering around, I looked up and there it was. It is really hard to miss!


Here are some shots. It is truly a beautiful building.




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