Dublin Culture Night — Part II


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After the stop at the City Trust, I hoofed it over to Christ Church. I wanted to catch the tour at 7:00pm. I made a mistake though, I didn’t ask the tour desk if I needed to RSVP. Instead like an idiot, I just waited where they said the meeting point was. I waited from 6:15 to 6:45pm and then went to ask again if I need to RSVP. The lady then told me I had to go to this other desk to get a sticker. Long story short, the 7:00pm was booked out and the only time left was 8:00pm. Sigh, I just wasted 30 minute! I could be in St Patricks catching their tour!

But it was actually ok, there was a choir singing while I was waiting, and they were actually really good!


And it was nice taking a rest after all that walking. I also got go around the church when there were very little people and check out the scene. It’s been 10 year since I have been to this church last. And it was a lot smaller than I remembered.


And you get to see the crypt (the treasure from the Church) for free. Oh yes, if you ever go to this church, you must go down to the crypt to see this.


These two were found in the church organ. The cat chasing a mouse! How classic.

Anyway, I wanted to see more so I hopped over to next door to see Dublinia. By now it’s quite cold and I had to queue outside. I was always curious about this place but I am glad I didn’t pay the 6.5 euros to see this. I wish I just walked a block down to see something else instead.

The most exciting thing that happened in this venue was a news crew was there while I was in the queue!


That little boy was a hellion, he wouldn’t stop screaming, teasing his brothers, and sisters. I later saw the news and if you look carefully you can see my coat! YAY, I was on TV!

Back to Dublina. Dublin was founded by bunch of Vikings. Dublinia is a museum dedicated to Vikings and how Dublin came about. Back in the 60s or something like that, the government found some Viking Settlement Ruins while building that area. Instead of preserving it, they just demolished it. So there’s no Viking stuff anymore, just memorials. (I am starting to see a trend of Dublin in the 60s!)

Instead you get Dublinia so you can learn about Dublin in Viking time. Here are some photos from Dublinia, so you can decide if it is really worth going. It’s not bad, but I am not 6 and I have been to a real Viking Museum in Denmark, and this is just not for me.


Here are some high lights.

Replica of a Viking ship,


Some display on bathroom behavior of Viking. Back then they have no toilet paper, so they use moss instead. Very educational!


This is actually pretty cool, a miniature of medieval Dublin.

A stuffed dog. He kind of looks like Oskar!

The best part about this section is that I got to walk over this,


It’s a bridge connecting the two buildings! I have always walked by and never knew you could cross it.

View from the bridge,


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