We made it!


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 25-04-2010

The journey was long but we made it!

It was nice to have a flight that leaves at 4:55pm and not at 8:00am that we usually book. We had time to do all the last minute thing we wanted to do. It was sad to drop off Oskar but he’s in good hands. I think he might have more fun with my friend Wendy than us. 😛 He knew exactly who they were and where their house is which is pretty funny.

The trip out of SFO was quite pleasant. It’s been a while since we flew Virgin Alantic and to Hethrow. The online flight entertainment is totally awesome.

Hethrow immigration was more strict than I remembered. Everyone in the queue got the 3rd degree from the immigration people. The Mr told the London immigration people that I was moving to Ireland with him and the lady at the desk took my passport and the marriage license. We told her what we needed to do but she said she had to call Dublin to confirm if it was cool with them. She also took copious notes on the little landing form I wrote. I guess now I have a record with UK immigration! I have never had my pasport detained by anyone before. It’s just a transit! it’s not like I am going to live in the UK. She end up giving me a month visa and told us that we need to go to the gardi station to get a proper visa. She was nice about it and all, but it seem a bit unnecessary.

As we were waiting, I was listening a conversaion next to us. The Immgration officer was asking a traveler why the UK company hired her (I think she’s from Canada) and why can’t they hire someone locally. I have never heard people being grilled on a connection flight!

Anyway, the immigration officer in Ireland was much nicer. After Mr explained to him what’s going to happen, he just gave me a 3 month stamp and gave us the instruction to the gardi office.
So now, I have 3 valid visa on my passport. One from March (expires in May), one for a month, and one for 3 month. There’s no way I am getting deported from this country I guess!!

The only think I kind of am concerend about is that each visa takes up a page on my passport. I am going to run out of space soon!! I guess that is better than being deported!

I dont’ care so much as the visas. Just dont’ want to run out of space! I just got this passport last August!

Anyway, toaday is a big day! We are getting the keys to the new house! So excitied!

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