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We flew back on Wednesday and boy was it a long flight. We had a 5 hour lay over in Singapore. Originally we were going to take the tour, but the 1:00pm was booked. If we go on the 3:00pm tour we would miss our flight so we just hung out in the airport. The airport is quite nice. A HUGE shopping mall really.

Between the 3 of us there are 1000+ of pictures taken, still trying to sort them out. Once I have them I’ll post them here.

Here are some high light and low lights of the trip.

High Lights

  • Korea
    • Subway – fantastic – took us everywhere we needed to go.
    • Our awesome apartment
    • Random Korean guy on the subway handing Mr a coupon to McDonald’s
    • Food – oh so good food
    • Shrines
    • DMZ -watched a tourist getting his photo deleted because he didn’t comply to the no photo rule
    • DMZ – ROK soldiers in their ROK ready stand
    • DMZ – Over hearing someone saying visiting DMZ was like visiting Chechnya.
    • DMZ – Over heard a German guy saying “I don’t like to tell people where I am from because my people almost killed everyone.”
    • DMZ – Third Tunnel of Aggression – We were made to wear hard hats good things too because I keep hear people baning their hard hats on the ceiling.
    • A kind chef taking us around building 63 in search of the bar that over looks the city.
    • Isodong – super nice neighborhood and great place to eat
    • Olympic park – it is HUGE! (we went there because Mr’s cousin Barbra competed in the Olympics for Ireland)
    • Palace, palaces, and more palaces
    • Tombs
    • Korean War Memorial
  • Bali
    • Staying at the Ritz!
    • Free food!
    • $100 spending money
    • Awesome BakBone swag
    • Ocean view
    • Elephant Safari (Hati Hati!)
    • Rice Field : Walking through the rice fields
    • Rice Field: Getting a new outfit (see Low light walking through rice fields)
    • Rice Field: Seeing vanilla and coffee beans growing in the wild
    • Free spa treatment
    • Temples
    • Royal Funeral
    • Petting a bomb sniffing dog
    • Walking to the Beach
    • Relaxing and living the Island life

Low Lights

  • Korea
    • Seodaemun Prision – Forgot to bring my camera
    • It was so hot, and not in a good way.
    • Walking in the middle afternoon to building 63
    • Finding out that the observation deck on building 63 is closed for repair after walking there. (it was HOT!)
    • DMZ – Didn’t get to see the conference room because a meeting was going on that day. I am sure that the meeting was more important than bunch of tourists!
    • DMZ – Didn’t see any North Korean soldiers.
    • DMZ – Obnoxious tourists – Really loud Canadian woman that wouldn’t shut up.
    • Didn’t go out at night because of jet lag and tired of walking all day.
  • Bali
    • Rice Field – falling into the spring water ditch
    • Rice Field – Camera got wet and sandy and broken
    • Rice Field – getting laughed by the locals while wet and shivering waiting for the van to pick us up.
    • Too short of a time spent there
    • Missed a spa treatment because we were too tired after looking at the royal funeral

Will post photos and details of trip in subsequent posts!

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