The Birds


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 08-06-2008

We have a bird nesting under our front porch area.

The Mr. wanted to knock it down, but it just seem so mean! So I said let’s just leave it. She built it in the part of the porch where no other animals can get to it so, it just doesn’t seem fair to knock it down.

The Mr. said 2 things are going to happen, 1. bird poop will be there (I can deal with that) and 2. the bird might start attacking people.

I said we can always use the side door.  Besides it’ll keep our solicitors down.  That’s one thing about moving to Campbell, there are random people walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors selling stuff.

Mr said, well that’s true, but what about the mail men? I have not considered that.  I guess the Mr is a smart guy.

Anyway, last night before we left to go to a concert, the bird flew out of the nest and hovered in mid air squawking at us. But I am sure it’ll work out at the end. (I hope!)

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