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One of the food items I always get when I go to Ireland with the Mr. is TUC.  I don’t know how it started. It could have been all those late nights working in with O2 and the only thing that was open was Spar.   Or maybe it’s it’s awesome name TUC.

When we were in Paris, I picked up a packet of TUC and we all had a good time eating it. Or maybe it was because we didn’t have breakfast and had a long trip to Dijon. I prefer to think that everyone thought TUC was delicious.  I was sad that I left it in the rental car because it was so delicious.

Anyway! So today we were at Nob Hill and guess what I saw?!


That’s right! TUC! I have never seen TUC in US before (well other than the British Food Store.) And it was 10 for 10 dollars!  I guess it’s not very popular in the US.  They had Paprika, Salt and Pepper, Sesame,  and Original.  I never seen so many different kind of TUC.

I got myself 3 packs of TUC.  I just can’t bring myself to buy 10. That’s too much TUC even for me.

Happy Day!

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