Travel and Sickness


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 28-12-2007

I had the good fortune of never getting sick when I travel. I have been to India, China, and various other place and never managed to pick up any special friends along the way.

Yesterday as I was driving into work, I heard some woman brought back from her travels, a dangerous string of TB. TB is one of those disease that you hear about that kills people way back when. One of Mr’s relatives died young of consumption (aka TB) back in like the 20s. But Mr says I always gotten his stories wrong. Anyway, one of his relative died of consumption long time ago.

The story in itself is pretty unremarkable, and how does it relate to travel you ask? Well, she got on a flight of packed passenger for an over seas flight back to the US. Since TB transmitted via cough/sneezes the people around her basically are toast. And the TB is not one of those ordinary TB, it’s one of the new mutations.

I feel bad for people who sat next to her, seeing her sneeze and eating their meals next to her, not knowing that they are being exposed to TB. Talk about ruining someone’s Holidays! Spending NYE in hospital just doesn’t sound as glamorous as it should.

It would be pretty socially irresponsible of her if she knew she had TB prior getting on the flight. But maybe she didn’t know. But I suppose if you are coughing up blood you would go to the Drs. before going on a long journey.

Happy Holidays!

If you see people coughing up blood on your next long flight, better to ask someone on the flight to switch seats with you.

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