Robbery… of a cat?


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 07-05-2011

It’s just me and Oskar for the past week since Mr is away for 2 weeks working hard to keep Oskar and I in the life we have gotten accustomed to.

I have been living like a shut in for the past week. Well, that’s not really true, I walk Oskar every day. And just the other day an old lady accosted me and had a chat with me about Oskar. Well, she was doing most of the talking and it was pretty much all to Oskar. She said very little to me. I also said hello to the neighbor with the German Shepherd.

Anyway! Ann was kind enough to try to bust me out of this house by asking me to have lunch with her in the city center. We met up at H and F where I got this fabulous book.

Lady with shapley ankles It reads like a text book, but I find the whole subject intriguing so will be doing a book report later.

Oh we also saw Phil Lynott’s mom at H&F. Pretty random isn’t it?

Because my beloved Gruel shut down, Ann suggested we have lunch at Tower Records (I know, if you ever get nostalgic for Tower Records, it’s still exist in Dublin!) The food was mighty delicious.

After lunch we went to the food and veg market and they were having a 5 year anniversary party! We got some free desert and I snagged a glass of champagne. The market is very nice. Have all sort of imported foods such as Coco Puffs, Kellogs Corn Flakes, Oreos, etc. Super exotic. I have to go back and take pictures later.

As I was walking back to the station, I saw an exhibition by the National Library of Ireland. As a whim I walked in to see the exhibit. There’s a book from the 1300s, lovely, some photos, lovely, some more old books, great.

Then I came upon this little beauty :


This just beat all the other exhibits in my book.

From this handbill one can really feel the love Mr Irwin had for Ton. It also leave many unanswered questions. How did Mr Irwin know Ton didn’t just run away from home? What does it mean that the cat has a weak eye? Did he get his cat back?

According to the NIL site, base on the average earning £1 in 1872 is equivalent to about $950 today!!