Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile


Posted by wendy | Posted in expat life | Posted on 21-09-2010

A few month ago, I decided I was going to do a tour of all the station in Dublin. Of course, life of leisure kind of got in the way. Between the Italy trip, trip back to the US, general lazieness, and awesome Irish TV, I have only done Malahide Station. We live in Malahide, so doing a blog post on a station where you live is pretty lazy!

I decided to venture out to town by myself (!) to Dublin. Mr is away for the next few weeks in California working so it’s just me an Oskar for the next 2 weeks. Since I was going to go to Dublin anyways, it’s only fitting I do a blog post on Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile, one of the big daddy of all stations in Dublin.

There’s not much to say about this station. It’s one of the central station of Dublin. You can take a train to Belfast from here.

Here’s the main entrance to the station,

Inside the station,

Outside the train station is a connection to Luas,


The main train depo is pretty cool. The inside is a mix of red bricks building and glass roof.


The big red train stoppers are interesting. Would it really stop a train? I wonder because that stopper is right in front of the main hall. If the train stopper doesn’t work or is not there, the train will probably demolish the main hall.

Train stopper

Over all it was a nice day into town. The weather was gorgeous, not a rain cloud in sight.

I also got to take an awesome picture of the Ha’Penny bridge!

Ha'Penny bridge