Korea Part I (aka Jet Lag sucks)


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 26-07-2008

Jet lag sucks. I tought I was over it, but seeing that I have been up since 1:30am, I dont’ think I have. BOO!

On the positive side, it does give me time to blog about our trip. (Or do some yarn shopping, The Mr probably prefer if I just blogged.)

Anyway, we arrived in Korea at night, and we were all pretty tired. So we went to the 7 11 got some dinner an went to bed.

We all go up at 6:00am in the mornig. After having our breakfast we had off to the war museum.

We had breakfast at a cafe in the subway. (Pretty much the only place open at the time)  We saw delicious baked item such as this.

I didn’t get any of this, but I think that’s dollop of butter and jam. (??)  We ate a lot at this cafe for the duration of our trip just because it’s in the subway station and on the way to everywhere we were going.

Then it’s off to the War Museum we go.

We got there way before they opened, good thing they had a big display outside so we can hang out for an hour or so looking at various military  vehicles (yawn!)

You can touch all the exhibitis if you like so that was kind of neat.

The mesume itself is pretty impressive. The Koreans had pretty interesting invention when it comes to war fare.  The turtle ship is pretty neat in person.  

 One thing I noticed when was in Korea was that the museum doesn’t lead you to the gift shop. In fact most of the places we visited didn’t have gift shop at all. Kind of refreshing!

This is one of my favorite piture of the visit. Mr next to the guy who’s wife begged him to kill her because he was about to go t a battle he cannot win. But he end up winning the battle anyway!

We were pretty beat after the 3 hours of walking around. So we hopped on the subway and went back to Isodong to look for a place to eat.

The guidebook highly recommended Sonchen, a temple food place.  The guide book never had any addresses, but just contain information like so and so restaurant is by so and so street behind so and so building. It was hard, I had to ask a information desk, and Mr had to consult the map 10 times. s I was getting really grumpy and tired of walking around we found it. It’s behind like a alley way and behind some other building. But I am glad we went. It was the most expensive meal we had in Korea (cost about 35 / person fo lunch).

The food was pretty good. There were a lot of food. For tiny little bowls of food it was pretty filling.

Mr’s favorite Korean dessert.  I ejoyed the meal. For vegeterian it was tasty.

Then we went back to the hotel for a rest where I downloaded the photos off my camera. (Here’s the tragic part.) I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera. So when we went to visit the Seodaemun Prision total bummer. It’s a pretty grusome place I guess, they had a gallow and and torture devices you can try out. 

After that we just all went home and went to bed.  It was a fun filled day.