Getting ready!


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Today was my last day at work!  WHOHOO!Here’s the high level itenenary! None of us are power vacationers so we’ll see how many of these sites we actually hit.Joe calls this the temple, tombs, and palaces tour. We’ll see.Saturday –

  • Transportation : Hop on a taxi, train, subway to the Fraser Suites in Isadong
  • Eat: Gogung : Get some bibimbap!
  • Sights : Walk around Isadong – Knowing Mr, I will be exploring it with Joe.

Sunday : Exploring North of the River

  • EAT : Go get breakfast at Juk 101 for some chicken and ginsen rice porridge
  • Dongdaemum – Great East Gate
  • War Memorial & Museum  – Learn about the Korean War
  • Eat: Whatever that looks interesting hopefully street vendors
  • Seodaemun Prison / Donginmmun Park
  • EAT! (YAY!)
  • Go hit the bars!

Monday – Take me to Myeong-Dong & Namsan

  • Deoksugung – Palace of Virtuous Longivity
  • Myeong-Dong Catholic Cathederal
  • EAT!
  • Namdaemun – Great South Gate
  • Seoul Tower

Tuesday – Jamsil baby!

  • Bongeunsa <- Temple!
  • EAT
  • Seolleung Park Royal Tombs
  • COEX Mall – Kimchee Museum!!!
  • EAT!!!!
  • Hit the bars!

Wednesday – All Gwanghwamun all the time

  • Tapgol Parks
  • Changdeokgung – Palace of Illustrious Virtue <- Palace!
  • Jongmyo & Changgyeonggung – <– Tomb, well kind of like a temple that house the spirits of the kings
  • EAT : Some where
  • Korean Comfort Women Protest
  • Cheongwadae – The White House of Korea (except it’s call the Blue House)
  • National Palace Museum
  • EAT!
  • Hit the bars!

Thursday – Don’t forget the DMZ!

  • Eat
  • DMZ!!!!
  • Eat
  • Hang out near by Isadong

Friday – Say goodbye to Seoul

  •  Fly to Bali!

That was a lot of work.  I hope it’ll work out at the end!  I will post more about Bali later.



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Went to a wedding on Saturday.

I totally mis read the invitation. I thought it started at 3:30pm but it actually started at 1:00pm at the church. I guess I miss those outlook calendar reminders! Or maybe next time I should just learn how to read.

I do love wedding, everyone’s so happy! And there’s alwys the drunk guy, the rowdy table, etc.  In this wedding, we didn’t see any drunk guys, and we were the rowdy table. It was a super nice wedding with lovely (roast pig! it was SO good!)

And they had a lovely yummy cake.


This is pretty much the only picture that came out of the whole wedding I took. (Ok not exactly the only one, but the most lovely one)

I tried to take picture of the first dance, but it’ll came out too blurry. Maybe I should learn how to use the camera better!

I wish more of my friends are getting married so I can go to more weddings!