Ex Boyfriends etc.


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 17-05-2008

My ex wanted to meet up for breakfast few weeks ago and I just couldn’t. Then he called to try to arrange for another meeting but I never called him back. I am terrible that way, sometimes I wouldn’t call people back.

(If I never called you back, it’s not you it’s me. Keep calling, one day I will call you back!)

Then I got a post card from his girlfriend about reserving a date in October.  My guess was he’s getting married.

Finally, I called him back today and, yes, he’s getting married.

Wow! That’s totally awesome, I was so happy for him.  I guess its kind of funny to be going to an ex’s wedding.  I asked him if he was inviting his other exes, and he said, yes.  Riiiiight.

I suggested to him that he should have a ‘ex-girlfriend’ dance where he dances with his ex girlfriends. He said he’ll talk to his fiancée. about it.

Personally, it would be so funny to hear the DJ announce ‘It’s time for ex-girlfriends dance!’ But some how, I think that idea would be nixed by his fiancée.

He has the BEST family.  When his dad got remarried, his mom went to the wedding and hung out with everyone. No one seem to mind.  When people would ask her, are you friend of the groom or bride, she would say “I am the ex wife.”  Best line ever heard at the wedding if you ask me.