My USB Terrarium


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 02-12-2007

15 more minutes until 2:00am.I drank 1 cup of coffee and a red bull. I also took a nap this afternoon. Now I am up and I suspect I will be up for a while since all these caffeine are running through my system.

I got this cool new gadget. It’s a USB Greenhouse!

The software is lame. I thought it would record set light on and off, remind me to do stuff but it doesn’t do any of that. All it does is remind you to do stuff base on a calendar type of software.It’s basically a terrarium with a built in light that is powered by USB. It’s cute, but that’s it.So far it’s not going so well. The seed that came with it never sprouted. (Maybe it’s because I planted right before the Thanksgiving holidays?). Anyway, I went to Whole Foods last week looking for some seeds. I was thinking in terms of some yummy strawberries, or green beans. But they didn’t have any of those type of seeds.

I end up getting grass seed. It’ll be nice to have greenness in the office.

It’s pretty cool. Shape like an alien egg and has a purple light. I can’t wait until we get some grass in my office.