Pushing out the Trash


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 05-11-2007

The Mr. is on a business trip this week.

It’s nice not having him to nag me about how I should clean up, stop watching TV, stop having fun, etc.

But I kind of miss him to because now I have to remember to give the dog his eye medicine (before he left, he gave me explicit instruction and reminded me 5 times that the dog needs eye medicine), remember to push out the trash, pay the gardner, etc.

The worse of all, I can’t find where he stashed the eye meds. I hope dog doesn’t go blind before the Mr. comes back.

I guess he does a lot around the house and all I do is lay about the house knit and watch TV.

All this reminds me of a story that I read long ago. It’s a pretty famous story but I can’t find it on the WWW. If you know the source, feel free to leave a comment.

So, back in ancient times, there’s this guy who married the most beautiful woman in the village. She was very beautiful but very lazy. She is so lazy she never got out of her bed and depended on her husband to do everything. She got chubbier and chubbier because of the inactivity, but her husband loved her anyways and took care of her.

One day, the husband had to go on a urgent business trip. He was not able to find anyone who has time to look after her. And he was afraid she was going to starve to death.

He came up with a brilliant plan. He went to the local bakery and got a big piece of cake shaped like a necklace (imagine a donut except a big one that fits around your neck) to put around her neck. He told her that he had to leave and just eat the cake and he’ll be back in a few days.

When he came back his wife had starved to death. He was devastated.

Turned out that she was so lazy that after she at the front part of the cake, she didn’t want to turn the cake around so she could eat more.

I can identify with the said woman about household chores. I hope when the Mr. comes back, the house would be buried in trash because I was too lazy to push out the trash can.