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Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 28-10-2007

I was watching this movie last night and started to think about high school. It’s not the best movie ever, but it was pretty funny.

The movie got me thinking about High School. On occasion, I look up the old high school to see what’s going on there. As I was watching the movie, I did a search and this came up, Rio Americano High School.

I learn about my high school I never knew. I don’t really keep up with people I met in high school except two. One is now in Denmark, and the other one is in Sacramento. I don’t remember anyone either.

I on occasion browse through my friend’s website. One day I found this photo on his site. Brings back memories I tell ya!

As i was reading more about the high school, it turned out one of the guy I went to high school is now the host of Kid Nation. I on occasion have watched the show, but never recognized him. He’s gotten a bit chubbier and older looking. (But at our age, we are all chubbier and older than our former selves.)