Caution, Lust


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 15-10-2007

The new movie from Ang Lee. The Mister and I tried to go see it last night. We left the house at 7:30pm and hung around Borders for a while. I figure it’s one of those movies (been out for a while, art house, NC-17, etc), that shouldn’t have a long line.

But as we were walking toward the theater 10 minut before the movie, I saw the queue. OMG, the queue snaked around the theater and around another building. I have never seen a line this long for an art house movie. I was surprised and happy for Ang Lee. I have always enjoyed his movie (minus the Hulk, that was an aberration!) i.e. “The Wedding Banquet,” etc.

As we were walking back to the car, being all disspointed because of the line, I did a quick visual tally of the people in the queue. Not surprisingly there were a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese people. But also saw some sprinkle of none Asians in there. But, the none Asian people there had an Asian connection. Mostly, the connection being their Asian wives. I did saw some without, but that accounted for .00001% of the line. Not passing judgment on anyone, if I was in the line I would belong to the “white men with Asian wives” category.