Spying on Myself


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 09-10-2007


One thing I really enjoy is looking at my site stats. It’s like hiding behind the door and see who comes to visit.

In general, the stats are pretty rudimentary. It shows me search terms, referrers, IP address, user agents, etc. Nothing to write home about.

But today, I saw one of the external link that referred to my blog was Scoble’s blog. As you might recall, oh faithful readers, I posted something about Halo a while back and linked to him and Guy Kawasaki’s blog. And I guess Scoble has a ping back? I was busted. Meh!

Usually, the country list consists of US and Denmark (You know who you are, people!). But today, there were people from France and Argentina? I don’t know anyone in France or Argentina. My blog must be super boring to the Argentina person, because he/she took a look and dropped out right away. Sorry to disappoint you Argentina person! I will try to write better blogs for my international audience.

Anyway, if you are reading this from far away (i.e. you are not in Bay Area, CA), leave a comment, tell me who you are.