Napa Fall 2007


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We went to Napa this weekend and lots of things happened. This is going to be a long post, so go grab a cup of coffee and a donut before you start reading, you are going to be here for a while.

Napa Valley

The Beginning:

Last March we went to Napa with a few friends. We had a real good time. You can read all about it here.
We had such a good time, we decide to go again this year. Joe arranged all the hotels and the wineries and lodging and Amit arranged to eat at the Greystone restaurant.

The Middle:

We took off Saturday morning to go to Napa. We were suppose to meet up with Matt and Amit at Napa at 11:00am. Of course, the way we travel, we were an hour late.

The first winery we hit was Artesa. By the time we got there, Amit and Matt already had their tasting. I guess you can’t have 2 tasting (?) So they waited while we went to get our wine. As we were going up to the counter, the guy at the counter said to me, can I see your ID? I was like huh? My wallet is in the car. I am also with bunch of old guys, how can I not be of age?! So I ran down to get my ID. On the way back, I took these photos.


It’s been a while since I got carded, so I guess I was kind of amused? The wine was pretty good. It’s a good start!

Then we try to check into the hotel. We pulled up but they wouldn’t let us check in. But we were STARVING so we asked the counter guy to recommend a place. He recommend Joe’s down the street. We had two Joes in the party, so I took it as a good sign. The food was pretty good and gave us strength for more drinking.

We tried to check in after lunch, but still no go, so we all piled into 2 cars to go to Luna.

Next stop was Luna. It has such a pretty name. We drank and ate bread sticks. (Come to think of it, this was the only place that offered food.) They had a lovely tower where you can go up to and drink. See photo here.

The party

By the time we got to our Stag’s Leap, I was getting a bit too ‘happy’. I remember the wine being very good but not much else. I also stopped taking photo because I was starting to lose it.

Last stop, Domain Chandon. It was ok. I had Champagne and it was good. Some of the people had wine and it was rank. We snuck into a tour and toured around the place.

I don’t remember the ride back to the hotel. I guess it was good. We stayed in the hotel for a few minute and went to dinner.

Dinner was delicious! Again, don’t remember much but just really enjoyed it. The Mister had salmon and it was more delicious than my steak. The salmon was pan fried to perfection and the skin was so delicious! I think I would have enjoyed the meal more if I was not so ‘happy.’

The End:
After dinner, we went back to the hotel. I passed out watching The Interpreter, while the boys went to Joe’s for a pint.

The weekend doesn’t stop here, but I am tired. I’ll blog more about the weekend tomorrow.

The Economist and Kobe Beef


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We were mentioned in an article about Social Network in the Economist!

The article can be found here.

Here’s the relevant passage in case you don’t want to read the article.

“…the future of social networking will not be one big social graph but instead myriad small communities on the internet to replicate the millions that exist offline. No single company, therefore, can capture the social graph. Ning, a fast-growing company with offices directly across the street from Facebook in Palo Alto, is built around this idea. It lets users build their own social networks for each circle of friends.”

The Mister is a big Economist fan. I ,on the other hand, read one cover to cover once, but it was because there was nothing else to read and the net connection was down. He’s the smart one in the Johnson family.

What does this all have to do with Kobe Beef?

Well, after work a few co workers and I went to Shabuway in Mountain View to eat some Kobe beef hot pot style. OMG, it was so good. There were some veggies but the star of the show was the Kobe. It’s the best beef I ever had and I really hand a good time hanging out with my co workers outside of work.

Excellent day!

My Very First Spammer!


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Checked my email this morning and saw this:

Imaging my suprised when I saw a new person registered to comment on my blog! Woohoo!

I don’t know this person, I don’t even know how he (she?) found my blog. My blog is pretty none descript.

Being the curious person I am, I looked up the register’s email on Google. It seem that this email was used in several forums. I also found this blog post by Mr Chano Andersen of Denmark. I looked around for a Danish translator but didn’t find on on my Mac. I IMed my Danish friend and she translated it for me. Yup, this person is a spammer.

I am flattered that someone think so much of my blog to think about spamming it! Why waste time on a blog that only has a readership of -2. :)

Caution, Lust


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The new movie from Ang Lee. The Mister and I tried to go see it last night. We left the house at 7:30pm and hung around Borders for a while. I figure it’s one of those movies (been out for a while, art house, NC-17, etc), that shouldn’t have a long line.

But as we were walking toward the theater 10 minut before the movie, I saw the queue. OMG, the queue snaked around the theater and around another building. I have never seen a line this long for an art house movie. I was surprised and happy for Ang Lee. I have always enjoyed his movie (minus the Hulk, that was an aberration!) i.e. “The Wedding Banquet,” etc.

As we were walking back to the car, being all disspointed because of the line, I did a quick visual tally of the people in the queue. Not surprisingly there were a lot of Chinese and Taiwanese people. But also saw some sprinkle of none Asians in there. But, the none Asian people there had an Asian connection. Mostly, the connection being their Asian wives. I did saw some without, but that accounted for .00001% of the line. Not passing judgment on anyone, if I was in the line I would belong to the “white men with Asian wives” category.