Wag of the Valley


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 19-09-2007

I am a big fan of Valleywag. Most of the time I just skim through the head lines and not really read anything. It is a quick and humorous way to get the news for the Valley.

Anyway, this caught my eye today, “Julia Allison breaks up with her nerd boyfriend”.

To summarize the post, she was dumped by her nerd Silicon Valley founder boyfriend via email.

Instantly, I felt bad for Julia, even though I had no idea who she was. I headed over to her detailed blog about the break up.

If I was him, I would dump her too. Dumping someone over email is uncuth, but I really can’t find any sympathy for her. For one thing, her email was totally passive aggressive and needy. And posting private communications between 2 people (I am sure she didn’t ask him if she could do it) is just wrong.

I think his email to him if taken out of context it could be quite bad, but if you read the series as a whole she came out like a ‘tard.

I am not posting link to her blog because I think her writing (from the snippet I read in the post) is some awful dreck. And I thought I am the narcissist by consistently talking about myself in my blog.

Maybe I am the ‘tard for wasting my time talking about this instead of doing something useful like watching TV.