u dont talk about any events except ones involving u in ur blog!


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 06-09-2007

That’s the first thing my brother said to me via IM today. But isn’t it the whole point of the blog? Where you can talk about yourself 24/7?

Anyway, in the spirit of not talking about myself, here’s a story from my brother about his visit to Chicago.

The names and bad language has been modified to protect the innocent.

5:28:20 PM brother: chicago has a nice zoo!
5:28:23 PM brother: we saw gorillaz
5:28:25 PM brother: and one ate its own s**t
5:28:30 PM brother: one was eating its own s**t!
5:28:38 PM me : what?
5:28:47 PM me : off his butt?
5:28:55 PM brother : no
5:29:00 PM brother: he picked up some s**t
5:29:04 PM brother: put it in its mouth
5:29:04 PM me : gross
5:29:06 PM me : eewe
5:29:07 PM brother: and just stood there
5:29:09 PM me : did you take a picture?
5:29:10 PM brother: while everyone took pictures
5:29:11 PM brother: no
5:29:15 PM me : maybe that’s why he’s in the zoo
5:29:19 PM me : because he eats his own poo.