Me and my Nintendo DS


Posted by wendy | Posted in blog | Posted on 02-09-2007

I am writing this post at the local coffee shop on my Nintendo DS! So neat!

I used to be a big psp fan. When it came out, I went to several best buys to see if I can wait in line. I also got up early to see if I could get one, but it was not meant to be. I would have driven around more if it was not a school night.

Then, one of my cowoker said he got one for his friend. I was shocked, all reports said all units were sold out. He and I went to EPA best buy to get one. I was so in love.

PSP had better form facor and does more. But then Nintendo came out with a killer app Nintndodogs. Best game, ever. I love simulation games. My all time fav game is Harvest Moon. It is a farming simultion game. You raise animals and crops tom make money and try to get someone to marry you.

Now ds is even better. Without it this post would not have been possible.